Welcome to the home page of the BPM Academic Initiative. The goal of our initiative is to foster teaching and research in business process management by providing a set of exercises and a professional tool to be used as a service free of charge. The initiative is run by a Core Team of academic partners and a software vendor who provides the process modeling and analysis tool.

By now, over ten thousand students and lecturers have used this tool and created tens of thousands of process models, which vary in modeling language, complexity, and domain. At the BPM conference 2012, we announced to make these models available to the research community along with an analysis platform to foster empirical research.

The following academic institutions comprise the Core Team of the BPM Academic Initiative. These are represented by Professors Mathias Weske (HPI at University of Potsdam), Jan Mendling (WU Vienna), Michael Rosemann (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Jan Recker (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Wil van der Aalst (Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands), Michael zur Mühlen (Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ) and Frank Leymann (University of Stuttgart), respectively. The Core Team is complemented by Gero Decker (Signavio GmbH, Berlin).

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Recently, the initiative has grown significantly. There are thousands of users registered, including teachers, students, and researchers. These persons come from hundreds of universities and research institutions worldwide.

Process Model Editor and Collection

If you are a teacher, student or researcher interested in business process management, you are invited to register for a workspace at http://www.signavio.com/en/academic.html. The use of the system is free of charge for these groups of persons.

Hundreds of academic institutes already use the BPM Academic Initiative modeling platform and thereby, a steadily growing amount of models is being created with the process editor and streams into the model collection. By now, tens of thousands of models have been designed and are now made available to the BPM research community.

Explore these models now.

Teaching Material

Business process management is of key importance for all organizations and lies at the intersection of business and information technology. As such, it plays an increasingly important role as a mediator between multiple disciplines.

In university curricula, business process management is either a self-contained course or it is embedded in courses on topics like Information Systems or Requirements Engineering. Textbooks are available that provide the conceptual basis. While learning concepts and notations in class is fine, students will master the subject through exercise work and practical experience.

Therefore, we have started the BPM Academic Initiative to provide business process management teaching as a service, through a modeling platform and academic teaching material. Academic users like researchers, lecturers and students can access this tool and material free of charge.

All material offered on this web page is licensed under the Creative Common license mentioned below. It means that you can use the exercises provided in MS Word format, copy them into your assignment sheets, possible in modified form. Creative Common requires that the BPM Academic Initiative is mentioned.

Business Process Modeling