The BPM Academic Initiative Model Collection

The BPM Academic Initiative strives to foster research and teaching in the area of Business Process Management. Our efforts comprise a comprehensive set of teaching material and a professional process modeling editor provided by our industry partner.

By now, hundreds of academic institutes utilized this offer in their courses. Thereby, a steadily growing amount of models is created with the process editor and streams into the model collection. The models are intended to contribute to empirical research in the field of BPM. Thus, we offer access to our collection to interested researchers.

The collection comprises tens of thousands of models, of various process modeling languages, and size. Further, models of the collection are available in several revisions, which opens a new perspective in researching the way people model. You can get a rough insight in our collection by reviewing the statistics below.



You can use below filters to discover the provided models by means of certain criteria, that is, modeling language, language, connectedness, and size. The filter will show you, how much models fit your selection.

To download models, click on the register now button below. you will be presented with a form that requests your name, email address, affiliation, and a short research proposal to which the models shall contribute. The BPM AI core team will review the research proposal and grant access to earnest requests, thus avoiding abuse of the service.

Also, before submitting the request, you have to accept a license agreement that restricts usage of the models to empirical research in non-commercial settings only. Once, access to the models has been granted, you will receive an Email to the address you provided with a unique link and further instructions.

interesting numbers from our collection:

different models: 29825, different revisions: 146976, version: 2.0 (Aug. 2012)

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Sep. 2009 Jun. 2011 Jan. 2012

Research Platform

Eventually, you will download a zip-compressed file comprising models according to the filter criteria you set. This file unzips to a hierarchically nested directory that contains a number of files.

We offer an open-source research platform that provides functionality to import the downloaded models. The platform offers utilities to filter, transform, and extract information from the process models, similar to the pipes and filter enterprise integration pattern. A mapping for EPC and BPMN models to a generic process model representation as Java objects is provided, such that features of the jbpt Java library can be used, for instance, for workflow graph parsing, net unfolding generation, and to derive behavioral profiles.